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Create, manage, and control computer-based examinations
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Develop a custom examination program with tests and monitoring options. Customize the required exercises, regulate the distribution of materials and check the answers. Collect the finished tests into a database, process sequences of quizzes and materials, etc.

Generate tests and packages them for easy distribution. Exam Pro is a sophisticated software tool that will assist you in designing secure exams or tests to be printed or to be used online. It allows you to include different kinds of questions in your exam, as well as to assign a maximum answering time and a score to each question.

Exam Pro is very intuitive and easy to use. It allows you to save your exams as files with the “.exm” extension, and reopen and edit them later. Exams are stored using an encryption algorithm, so that they cannot be copied or stolen. They are also protected by two passwords – a general and an administrative password. When you create a new exam, you can use the "question designer" to start developing your test. It lets you select the type of question, its number, its score, and the time allocation. Possible types of questions are Multiple choice single answer, Multiple choice multiple answers, Fill in the blanks, True or False, Yes or No, and Essay type descriptive answer. Besides, the program allows you to add image, audio, and video files to your questions. You must also define the correct options and answers.

Exam Pro provides a "Security Settings" window, where you can configure many parameters related to your exams and questions. For example, you can assign a name to the exam, and a custom message to be displayed when opened. You can also establish the maximum number of times a student can open the exam. With regards to the time, you can set a maximum global time for the exam, and whether the question timer and the exam timer will be shown or not. Other minor settings will let you decide whether the examiner allows a calculator to be used or not, and if the program should shuffle the questions in exam mode or not.

By default, the program starts in "design" mode, which allows you to create exams and design your questions. However, you can toggle to "exam mode”, allowing a student to make use of the trial version of the program to present a "Computer Based Test" (CBT). Furthermore, the program can create "study cards", based on your questions and answers. They turn out to be very helpful for the students when preparing for a test. Unfortunately, this Pro version of the program seems to be too expensive, especially compared with the Standard version – $59.95 against $995.00.

What is the difference between Exam software and Exam Pro software?
Exam and Exam Pro softwares are windows applications for creating question banks and for conducting exams. Exam and Exam Pro softwares are not web based. They need to be installed on the user's computer.

Exam and Exam Pro softwares offer a complete solution for Computer Based Test (CBT) You can create your own unique exams/tests and administer them. Exam and Exam Pro softwares keep all the records of conducted exams, score reports and Student's Answer Sheets.

Exam software (cost $59.95) is suitable for individual users who have only few computers to install the software. Total number of licenses you need is the total number of computers on which you are going to install the software.

Exam Pro software (cost $995) has all the features of Exam software with additional packaging feature. Exam Pro provides royalty free distribution rights. This means you can sell your packaged tests or install your packaged tests on unlimited number of computers. The package wizard packages all your tests and creates an executable program. Your packaged tests are completely yours. There is absolutely no mention of Exam Pro in your package. The packages are totally customizable by you where you can set startup image, company logo image, background image, background color, fonts and style and many other attributes.

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  • Intuitive
  • Easy to use
  • Saves your exams in encrypted format
  • Protects your exams with two passwords
  • Allows you to attach image, audio, and video files to your questions
  • Allows you to toggle between design and exam modes very easily


  • Too expensive
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